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Bentonite Powder

Finely crushed bentonite clay, which comes from volcanic ash, is known as Bentonite Powder. It is a material that can be used in a variety of sectors because to its adaptability and wide range of qualities. HYDRATED SODIUM CALCIUM ALUMINO SILICATE, BENTONITE FOR ETP, and BENTONITE FOR WATER PURIFICATION are all included in the variety of Bentonite Powder that is offered.  It can expand and hold a lot of water or other liquids thanks to its excellent absorbent characteristics. Because of this quality, it works well in cat litter applications where it absorbs moisture and reduces odours.


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Bentonite for Water purification

Price: 3500 INR/Ton

Bentonite Clay is a unique clay which has ability to produce an electric charge when hydrated, upon contact with fluid, its electrical component change giving the ability to absorb Toxins, Heavy metals, impurities, chemicals, pathogenic viruses, herbocides and pesticides. Bentonite for water purification - Due to well-defined sorption and ion exchange characteristics, bentonite is widely used in water purification and industrial wastewater. High efficiency of water purification is shown by sorbents obtained on the basis of activated bentonite grade.. Using of such sorbents ensures removal of suspended particles with an efficiency of up to 100%, reduction of chemical oxygen consumption level by 99%, and removal of heavy metals, including Cr (VI) by 95%. In addition, the wastewater color is eliminated.

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Poultry Cattle Feed Additives Suppliments

Price: 2500 INR/Metric Ton

The contamination of feed with mycotoxins is a continuing feed quality and safety issue. Effects can range from reproduction and organ damage (liver/kidney) to a greater vulnerability to infectious diseases in animals. To protect these animals from these adverse effects, mycotoxin adsorbents and detoxifiers are used in animal feeds to sequester mycotoxins and prevent ingestion. Bentonite is used as toxin binder in animal feeds. It has the ability to absorb and adsorb toxins. It is used in animal nutrition along with other micro nutrient in Poultry and Cattle feed to adsorb and absorb mycotoxins and reduce mycotoxin bioavailability from contaminated feeds in the animals gut. It has been approved as a substance for reduction of the contamination of feeds by mycotoxins (aflatoxin B1) for pigs, poultry and ruminants according to EU regulation in the EU register for feed additives by European Food Safety Authority.

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Price: 4500 INR/Ton

Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumino Silicate High quality synergistic Binder which binds multiple mycotoxins - effectively & prevents further mycotoxin production . Detoxifies feeds & neutralizes mycotoxins & radicals. Better intestinal health, immunity & animal performance. Reduces the transmission of alfatoxin in milk /meat. Inhibits growth of mold and Improves pellet quality. No adverse effect on the nutritive value of the feed. Binds excess moisture in feeds & Prevents caking of the feeds. Feed Sterilizing & Antifungal agent.

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Bentonite for Etp

Price: 6000 INR/Metric Ton

Bentonite has a unique ability to absorb water and other liquids. Because of this property, bentonite has been used in various industrial applications, including wastewater treatment. In effluent treatment plants, bentonite is commonly used as a flocculating agent. It helps to remove suspended solids and other contaminants from wastewater by forming flocs that can be easily removed through sedimentation or filtration. Bentonite can be used in both primary and secondary treatment processes. In primary treatment, it is added to the influent to help settle out larger particles and reduce the organic load of the wastewater. In secondary treatment, it can be used to remove residual suspended solids and other impurities


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