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Offering Bentonite Powder, Silica Sand, Attapulgite Powder, Cat Litter, Toxin Binder , Earthing Bentonite Powder, Cattle Feed Additives , Fertilizers etc.
Most Popular Products
Foundry Bentonite Powder
Bentonite is traditionally being used as binder in Foundry, which develops excellent binding strength to greensand mold in Iron and Steel casting. Our foundry grade bentonite is engineered to meet the requirements of modern day foundry set-up. It has good Thermal stability and good bond development properties with easy mulling and excellent shakeout characteristics leading to good surface finish of the castings. Our Bentonite can be used for greensand molding applications including Manual, Semi-Automatic, High pressure Molding lines with flask and without flask.
Drilling Bentonite
We are one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporter of Bentonite Powder and Lumps in India with ISO 9001 -2015 certification located at Kutch Gujarat, India. Bentonite has excellent thixotropic /suspension properties with low filtrate loss which makes it ideal for piling & drilling applications. Thixotropic nature of Bentonite allows slurry to penetrate deep into cleavages cracks and clogs the pores and develops good suspensions and friction agent stabilizing the excavations. We manufacture High yield Bentonite as per Indian Standards (IS), American Petroleum Institute (API) and Oil Companies Material Association (OCMA) Standards. We cover all possible usage of Bentonite customized to meet rheological properties in achieving desired parameters for wide range of civil applications suitable for Diaphragm walling, Board piling, Tunneling, Pipe jacking & Horizontal drilling, Oil well drilling, Water well drilling, Grouting applications etc.
Bentonite Lump
Bentonite is used in Multiple Applications such as Drilling Fluids, Oil and gas production, Animal Feeds, Detergents, Water Purification, Paints and Coatings, Cat Litter, Adhesives, Water Treatment Paper making, Pharmaceuticals, Metal Castings, Agriculture, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Cosmetics, Iron Ore Pelletizing, Soil Sealing, Geosynthetic clay liners
Bentonite for Water purification
Bentonite Clay is a unique clay which has ability to produce an electric charge when hydrated, upon contact with fluid, its electrical component change giving the ability to absorb Toxins, Heavy metals, impurities, chemicals, pathogenic viruses, herbocides and pesticides. Bentonite for water purification - Due to well-defined sorption and ion exchange characteristics, bentonite is widely used in water purification and industrial wastewater. High efficiency of water purification is shown by sorbents obtained on the basis of activated bentonite grade.. Using of such sorbents ensures removal of suspended particles with an efficiency of up to 100%, reduction of chemical oxygen consumption level by 99%, and removal of heavy metals, including Cr (VI) by 95%. In addition, the wastewater color is eliminated.
Cosmetic Grade Bentonite Powder
Bentonite clay is an absorbent natural clay, which has been used for medical and skin care purposes since ages. Bentonite is known for its quality of absorption and adsorption properties. It can even absorb fine particles like dirt, bacteria and toxins from your skin. It has high cation exchange quality as well. This means that bentonite has negatively charged ions that can attract positively charged ions. Benefits - Removes toxins from skin, Reduces Acne, Prevents Black heads, Protects from Sun Tanning, Glowing Skin It is used in industrial protective creams, calamine lotion, wet compresses, and antiirritants for eczema. Personal care products such as mud packs, sunburn paint, baby and facepowders, and face creams
Fullers Earth
Fullers earth is composed mainly of hydrous aluminum silicates, such as montmorillonite or palygorskite. It is highly absorbent and has excellent adsorption properties, making it useful in many applications where it is desirable to remove impurities or contaminants from liquids or gases. Some common uses of Fullers earth As an absorbent in cat litter, oil spill cleanup, and industrial spillsIn the refining of vegetable oils and mineral oils In the production of cosmetics, such as facial masks and skin creams In the treatment of skin conditions like acne and eczema In the manufacture of ceramics and glass As a filler in paint and rubber products.
Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
Magnesium aluminum silicate (or magnesium aluminosilicate) is a naturally occurring mineral compound that is commonly used as a thickening agent in cosmetics and personal care products. It is also used in the production of ceramics, glass, and refractory materials. Chemically, magnesium aluminum silicate is a type of clay mineral, with the chemical formula Al2Mg3(SiO4)4(OH)2. It is formed from the weathering of minerals such as feldspar and mica, and is found in abundance in many parts of the world. In cosmetics, magnesium aluminum silicate is often used as a suspending agent, which helps to keep the other ingredients in the product evenly distributed. It is also used as a viscosity-increasing agent, which gives the product a thicker and more luxurious texture.
Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumino Silicate High quality synergistic Binder which binds multiple mycotoxins - effectively & prevents further mycotoxin production . Detoxifies feeds & neutralizes mycotoxins & radicals. Better intestinal health, immunity & animal performance. Reduces the transmission of alfatoxin in milk /meat. Inhibits growth of mold and Improves pellet quality. No adverse effect on the nutritive value of the feed. Binds excess moisture in feeds & Prevents caking of the feeds. Feed Sterilizing & Antifungal agent.
Bentonite Powder
Bentonite is used in Multiple Applications such as Drilling Fluids, Oil and gas production, Animal Feeds, Detergents, Water Purification, Paints and Coatings, Cat Litter, Adhesives, Water Treatment Paper making, Pharmaceuticals, Metal Castings, Agriculture, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Cosmetics, Iron Ore Pelletizing, Soil Sealing, Geosynthetic clay liners
Calcium Bentonite
We cover all possible applications of Bentonite usage and supply material to industries such as - Construction- Piling, Horizontal Drilling, Micro Tunneling, Diaphragm wall, Pond Lining, Water Well Drilling, Boring, Oil well Drilling. Animal Feed Additives - Cattle, Poultry, Aqua & Ruminants. Iron ore Pelletisation Foundry - Grey Iron , C.I castings Cat-litter - Pet Products Refractories Earthing - Back fill compound Fertilizers Ceramics, Cosmetics, Paper Industry etc.
Bentonite Desiccant Granules
Bentonite is hygroscopic (moisture-adsorbent) , which absorbs 30 times moisture by its volume, a chemically inert and non-corrosive substance. It attracts and binds water vapor readily within its complex and highly layered structure, making it a highly effective desiccant which protects wide range of products from mold, corrosion & damages due to moisture related effects. Desiccants help to extend shelf life and maintain quality of Product. Area of Applications - Textiles, Leather goods, Electronics, Metal components, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals & Medical devices Etc.
Bentonite for Bitumen
Bentonite can also be used in asphalt mixes as a mineral filler to improve the strength and durability of the asphalt. When added to asphalt mixes, bentonite helps to reduce the amount of asphalt binder needed, which can result in cost savings and improved performance
We are into minerals like Bentonite, Attapulgite, Silica Sand, Barites, Bauxite, and cover all possible application of its usage. Our Bentonite is major division which caters demands from various type of products for different industries such as Foundry, Construction, Oil & Gas, Iron ore pelletization, Refractories, Paper, Animal feed industries, Fertilizer Industries, Soil conditioning, Cosmetic, Cat Litter, Toxin Binder, Earthing Bentonite Powder, Cattle Feed Additives, Fertilizers etc. The company has its own state of art laboratory fully equipped for minerals testing. Our laboratory technician are well trained to carry out all test related quality and confirm the specification declare by company as per standard test and procedures.

Our Product Range

We provide below products to customers:

  • Api Bentonite
  • Ocma Bentonite
  • Fertilizer Bentonite
  • Earthing Bentonite
  • Bentonite Powder
  • Sodium Bentonite
  • Bentonite clay
  • Calcium Bentonite
  • Food Grade Bentonite
  • Bentonite for Poultry Feed
  • Bentonite for Cattle Feed
  • Bentonite Granules
  • Drilling fluids
  • Bentonite for Fertilizers
  • Pond Sealant Bentonite
  • Bentonite Lumps
  • Piling Bentonite
  • Drilling Bentonite
  • High yield Bentonite
  • Paper Grade Bentonite
  • Bentonite for Grease Lubricants

Our Mission

We believe in building trust and confidence of our clients and uphold our promises for commitments regarding our products. We constantly work on Research and development of our products in co-ordination with client requirements. Our team is dedicatedly working on new technologies and improvements to offer more innovative products and excel customer expectations. To be a responsible corporate citizen nurturing human values and concern for Society, the environment and above all, the people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a strong reputation for our organization across by offering best quality products services to our clients on ready-to-deliver basis and exceptional customer service. We want to create a future that is exciting and promising for all together.

Quality Policy

Quality is inherent part of our organization. We are dedicated to deliver the products as per international standard meeting customer requirements. Our state of the art laboratory is fully equipped for minerals processing and testing. We have qualified and well trained team to carry out all tests related to quality and confirm the specifications declare by company as per standard test and procedures.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals having vast experience in the field of Bentonite, which at every stage of processing material up-to dispatch make sure that right quality of material is delivered to our customers as per International quality standards.


We have well established infrastructure with mines in very close proximity of our plant. Our lab is fully equipped with all the equipments to test and process material as per international standards. Also close proximity to Western Ports of India gives us distinct advantage .We continuously invest in research and development of our products to offer best products to our customers with innovative solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

It is our top most priority in manufacturing our products. We work as team with punctuality, consistency and transparency to serve our clients at our best and are dedicated to give prompt response to enquiries of our clients 24*7.

Our Policy

  • Customer satisfaction is our Prime Motto.
  • We are dedicated to deliver the products as per international standards.
  • We are committed to give prompt response to all our clients for their respective enquires and believe in building trust with our clients and uphold our commitment towards our products.
  • We promise to be innovative with our products and offer products which can be customized as per requirements.
  • We welcome the suggestions and feedback given by the clients to bring improvements in our products and service.

Research and Development

Increasing pace of technology and tough competition necessitate concentrated and continuous research and development efforts towards future strategic technologies and products. Research is an endless and creative activity. Establishment of testing and Research & Development laboratory for evaluation on physical and chemical properties of non-metallic minerals is an asset and progressive step for an International Mineral Producer organization. The Research & Development team continuously seek for integration of contemporary technologies with new investments and existing technologies located at the production facilities. Work towards developing new products with superior performance is conducted.


Kutch Bento Clay respects our natural environment. Environmental issues are investigated with utmost care for new investments, production and other processes. Ecological values are saved both by studies concerned with release of wastes to the environment and also by environmentally safe operations policy that ensures wise use of rare natural resources like raw materials, energy and water. The Environment Group at Kutch Bento ClayCenterperform environmental assessment studies related with new investments, select appropriate waste management systems, make emission measurements and waste water purification experiments.

Technologies and Computers

As computers become an inseparable part of our corporate and manufacturing life, the information groups of Kutch Bento Clay continuously improve the hardware and software infrastructure for a better environment of technical development in the Company. Kutch Bento Clay, software is developed in the form of databases and CAD/CAM, office automation, Internet and networking are widely applied, while necessary databases and client-server architecture are built as their infrastructure.

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